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Why Top Marketers Use Email As Their Go To Profit System

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There are tons of ways to make money on the internet but some work better into peoples lives and scheudles than others. Some take more time and effort than the others, leaving more time for you to focus on your friends, family, and everyday life. If you want to live a free life the internet can offer a busines platform that is scalable and profitable, but you have to know how and where to get started.

The thing about the internet is that it is easy to find information, but hard to find the detailed speficic success stratagies that people all over the world are using. They don’t want to share their tricks so listen up here. If you want to make money you need to know two things and that is how to drive traffic and how to build an email list.

There are tons of ways to do both, but the best way is to get involved with a step by step training system that will coach you to success with traffic and lead capture. Build my list is a training system that gives you a step by step approach to email marketing and is created by a professional marketer that uses email in his own business.

Jimmy Kim is the guy behind Build My List 1 and 2 and he is known for sending millions of emails and making millions doing it, but he also created sendlane which is an email marketing platform that is getting popular. Liveness.org put together a review of Jimmy Kim’s Build My List  system to show what is included and the purpose behind this style of coaching. There is an upside to becoming a Build My List 2 student and a free sendlane membership is part of that.

You need to be able to capture and send emails to the people on your new list, and if you want to do that you have to use a software called an autoresponder. This allows you to stay in touch and send promo emails that make you money. Once you have your list building platform and some traffic your list will grow and when you send emails, so will your profits.

Many people don’t want to stya in touch with their subscribers because they’re afraid of the unsubscribe rate. But, what is the point of even building your list if you’re not going to send emails? That’s the point! You need to stay in touch and send emails to make money, so be sure to make sure you do that and get email in your subscribers inboxes.