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BNB Formula Review

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What is BNB Formula all about?

How do you make money with the system?

Let’s find out in this step by step BNB Formula review!

Product : BNB Formulabnb-formula

Creators : Mike Liebner / Brian Page

Website : http://BNBFormula.com

BNB Formula 101 –

AirBNB is a website that has grown from nothing to a billion dollar company in to time because the platform allows people just like you and me to make money from property rentals.

The catch is that before now you’d have to personally own the property in order to place your listing on the AirBNB platform and start earning profits from your rental property.

Mike Liebner and Brian Page saw an opportunity to leverage the power of this awesome platform while at the same time leveraging other people’s property to start earning a pretty penny through the AirBNB platform.

It may sound confusing but really the entire system comes together in ust a few steps and Mike and Brian reveal the entire system inside their 8 step by step training modules.

Everything from how to find property owners to work with, creating your listing, profit analysis for each property you go after, you first rental, getting paid, and soo much more are covered in detail.

brian page and mike liebner

Can You Actually Make Money With BNB Formula?

Yes, you can make money with the system but you need to stick to the 7 step process for getting your first property set up to a T.

If you’ve had rental property experience that’s great and it could help in the future but It’s highly recommended you stick to the plan until you get your first property up and in profit.

The timeline from investment to profit with the system is laid out by Mike and Brian to be a 90 day period starting the first 30 days with earning your investment back from the training AND getting your first property up and running.

The following 60 days are devoted to getting you into profit and then scaling/automating the entire process 99% so you can have everything run for you on near autopilot.

Within 90 days you can have multiple properties up and running on 99% autopilot which means you can scale into more properties and create a nice passive income for you and your family.

THIS WILL TAKE WORK ON YOUR PART but it IS very, very possible with a number of individuals already puling in 7 figures...

That does NOT mean cash will magically rain from the skies above after buying this course, but earning $10,000+ per month is very possible.


I Hear The Price Is $2495, Is That True?

Yes, the price is set at $2495 but you’re not just getting some 8 week training course. You’re getting on-going coaching, live coaching calls, like coaching seminars, and so much more.

First, the 8 weeks of step by step training modules will guide you from the start of creating your rental prop. business all the way to scaling and automating the business into the 6 figure plus mark.

Next up you’re going to get access to private support systems including a private forum that is dedicated to new and successful students, BNB Formula staff, PLUS Mike and Brian themselves which allows you to work directly with other success as you run your own business.

Have a question? Just hop into the group and get those questions answered instantly!

On top of the training and support system in place you get access to weekly coaching calls dedicated to working with you as you run through the program week by week.

Ask questions, move swiftly past obstacles, and so much more is possible when you’re working directly with the creators on weekly coaching calls!

Finally, you’re getting access to a library of software, tools, and additional training that is ever-growing and dedicated to giving you all the tools and systems you need to expedite your results with BNB Formula system.

One of the tools, the Property Profits software, shows you exactly how much you can earn on each property you go after before you invest any time or money into it.

free for you*BONUS*

How About That BNB Property Bonus You Mentioned?


I put together a special bonus that includes one on one coaching and sooo much more, but the personal coaching is limited so grab it while you can!


How To Grab BNB Formula AND Lock In My LIMITED Bonuses?

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