18 Minutes Software Review

STOP! Drop that phone call! And read this important information about the new 18 Minutes software.

Is the 18 Minutes system be considered a big fraud? A scam? Listen up if you need to know the details of 18 Minutes application or are considering investing!

Program : 18 Minutes18 minutes

Use : Binary Trading

Cost : Free

Website for Download : 18 Minutes Official Website

Know the facts in regards to 18 Minutes software within this comprehensive review.

What Exactly Is 18 Minutes Application?

It is a brand new software that is using intelligent investing signals to inform investors of a chance to earn money with options investing. The program will evaluate the current binary markets using different techniques and those actions will set off alerts letting you know, the trader, what and when to buy and sell.

All you need to do to start the trading process is to turn on the software (the download is free), then once you turn the system on you wait for signals. Automated signals will come through when turned on, and these are the signals new and advanced traders can use to start earning with binary investments.

18With every binary option there is an initial investment made by the trader. The amount you earn on each binary trade you place is depended on a few factors like what you’re trading (Gold vs Silver, etc..), the broker, and other factors but you can earn up to 95% profit per trade.

Right below I’m going to personally breakdown how traders are making thousands trading binary options, but it’s important you understand the inherit risk that goes along with binary investing at any level.

You will win and lose trades, and it’s the job of 18 Minutes software to make you money.

That said, no system on the planet has a successful trading ratio of 100% so there will be lost trades. Let the software pick your trades using the following strategies and never trade on emotion!

The basic ideas that new binary investors need to understand is the call, the put and the trading expiration.

Each has an important role in your trading experience as you’ll be placing the call or the put on the options as suggested by the software.

As long as you copy the trades that the system tells you to place you will be able to trade at an increased success rate than most investors.

callingThe put means you think the option is going to move down from your strike rate (starting price) and the call is the opposite. The call means you think the option will move up before the option expires.

Keep in mind, you choose the time each option trade will last. More on this below.

One main reason binary options have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of investors daily is because of the range of investment periods involved.

For example, you can earn just as much on a trade that is 120 seconds or shorter than you can with a trade that is 6 months long, and you can trade each option for this long if you’d like.

This is Pretty Cool About Using 18 Minutes Software

  • Simple trading system with automated signals daily
  • Anyone with a computer and connection and start trading today
  • Bonuses for every new trading account
  • Demo accounts where you can test the software

How Can You Download The Software

It’s 100% free and you don’t have to “buy” this software. man computer

Instead, when you create your broker account you’ll get to download the software for free.

All you need to do is go to the official website and sign up, then follow the step by step process to fund your account and download the software.

When you enter your details to reserve your copy of the system you’ll be directed to a broker that is accepted and working with 18 Minutes in your country. Now you can start trading with the software and you got it for free!

Getting the download link requires a new account at the broker.

If you already have an account at the broker suggested to you after entering your details then you would need to create a new account to get Protected Profits system for free!

My Last Thoughts On Binary Option Investing with 18 Minutes

green checkNo other traditional investment like stocks can turn huge payouts like binary options. with the help of a smart and and highly advanced tool like 18 Minutes you really can’t go wrong.

The software alerts you any time a profitable trade can be made and shows you the ones that aren’t favored to become profitable as well to save your trading funds.

If you are ready to create your new and free account then read the instruction right below.

How Can I Start Trading now with 18 Minutes?

  1. Click onto the sign up button below
  2. Create your free account
  3. invest your money into your account by using a options broker from 18 Minutes
  4. Download your copy of the 18 Minutes software
  5. Get inside and start trading!

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